Anthroposophy And Me

Date(s) - 03/31/2019
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm




The healing social life is found

When in the mirror of each human soul

The whole community finds its reflection.

And when, in the community,

the virtue of each one, is living.

— Rudolf Steiner

Dear community members,

Election time, including the weeks and months leading up to it, often feels like quite a stormy time in our shared social life.  It can be a trying time for any of us to maintain a sense of balance in the midst of such strongly asserted differences.

Yet on the evening after the November election, the anthroposophy & Me conversations with Carolyn Laine and John Fuller were beyond calm and balanced — they were enriching and insighful. Each serves the public through their chosen occupations.  And each occupation places these individuals in challenging situations.  

Carolyn Laine is a MN State Senator and John Fuller serves as Executive Assistant to the MN Board on Judicial Standards.  Each faces important issues and impassioned people in their work.  And the way they meet these situations makes a difference.  They each spoke of their work with a sense of purpose and mission; each also carried a sense of respect and integrity for self, as well as for others, regardless of their position or point of view.

It was striking to me that both Carolyn and John referenced their spiritual development as they spoke of the journey of their lives and their approach to their work. They both use the wisdom they have collected over the years to bring perspective and to help them stay centered, open and present in the face of challenging situations.  And each of them has found gifts through their study of anthroposophy.

John Fuller has taught classes on books such as Steiner’s Theosophy and Knowledge of Higher Worlds. He shared how when people call upon the Board on Judicial Standards, they are concerned about big issues in their lives.  And often, they are upset.  John has not only taught classes on books, he has used his life to practice the activities which are supported through exercises Steiner suggested.  This was clear as he told of how he is able to meet people in their distraught state.  It was clear to see that he offers a calm demeanor and the palpable gift of truly listening to them.  Yes, John does his job.  And how he does it, serves humanity.

Likewise Carolyn Laine, as a MN State Senator, serves in the public arena.  Many issues are hot topics.  And as we know, positions can be quite varied.  Carolyn shared that it is her daily challenge to speak the language of the other, of the situation, and of the times.  As she faces the situations before her, she recognizes that in order to bring something new in, she needs to be in a balanced state, without reaction.  For her, the 6 step exercise ‘I think speech…’ from Rudolf Steiner is key.  (For images and further information, see Florin Lowndes, Enlivening the Chakra of the Heart, p. 138)

I think speech

I speak

I have spoken

I seek myself in the spirit

I feel myself within myself

I am on my way to the spirit, to myself.

I am so grateful to these two individuals, for their dedication and their willingness to face life and issues with such grace and wisdom.  And I give thanks to them for willingly sharing their personal relationship to and practice of inner work with anthroposophy & me. 

Carolyn Laine and John Fuller each carry an integrity that shines out from them.   Their example brings this verse by Karl Koenig, to mind:

There is a knighthood of our times whose members do not ride

 through the darkness of physical forests as of old.

but through forests of darkened minds;

They are armed with a spiritual armor,

an inner sun makes them radiant;

Out of them shines healing

healing that flows from the knowledge of the image of man as a spiritual being

they must create inner order, inner justice, peace and conviction in the darkness of our time.

— Karl Koenig

Thank you for reading!

In service,

Susan B. Lyon

John Fuller

Carolyn Laine















Anthroposophy And Me