Biodynamic Bed Preparation, Transplanting and Soils

Date(s) - 05/30/2015
2:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Outdoor Biodynamic garden



Biodynamic Agriculture is a type of organic agriculture that strives to create a diverse and balanced ‘farm organism’ that provides for itself. It bridges healthy bodies with healthy soils by harnessing regenerative forces from the earth and from the cosmos, and infusing them into the soil and the harvest. This is accomplished through the use of special homeopathic medicines used in compost making and directly on the earth or plants. Over time soil fertility grows. Biodynamically-based nutrition increases health, thinking, and learning. This series of workshops is open to gardeners of all levels. Theory and practical knowledge will be harvested through lecture, practice, artistic movement and sharing.

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2-7pm with potluck dinner
Cost: $55 plus $15 for comprehensive folder with detailed information on biodynamics
Financial discounts possible

Note: this class runs from 2-7pm. After examining soil types and giving indications, we will prepare a bed, transplant and sow. We’ll discuss weed management and tools. The series will finish with application of horn manure, a preparation for the soil, which you may take home with you for your garden (weather permitting)

Tal Simchoni is an Affiliate Instructor with Novalis Institute. Tal can be reached at or 320-429-2145.

Biodynamic Bed Preparation, Transplanting and Soils