Biography Life Cycle Course: The Power of our Life Story to Heal and Transform

Date(s) - 02/22/2020
9:00 am - 3:00 pm



The Power of Our Life Story to Heal and Transform

“All day long I think about it, and at night I say it: Where did I come from, and what am I supposed to be doing? Who hears with my ear, and speaks with my tongue? And what is the soul?”
– Rilke

The longing to understand our lives is a part of the human experience.  Biography work gives us new understanding through the power of sharing and listening to life stories in a space of mutual trust. In addition to the social artistry of working consciously together, we have the tools that Rudolf Steiner gave regarding the Life Cycles.   Each seven-year phase, and twenty-one-year cycle contain specific archetypes and tasks for the body, soul and spirit.

Our time together will include memory exercises, life charting, artwork, writing, lecture, and discussion, as we reflect on the golden thread of our unique destiny. This reflective work has the capacity to change the way we see and connect to all those in our lives – giving us a larger framework to understand ourselves and others.

LOCATION: In a South Minneapolis home. The address and information will be sent to participants who contact one of the three leaders.

FULL COURSE runs over two weekends: February 22-23 & March 21-22, both weekends Saturday & Sunday 9 –3

COST: The two-weekend full course: $250

SIGNUP for the whole course by contacting:

Linda Bergh:

Kristin Haugan:
Julie Hurtubise:


Linda’s greatest love is teaching Biography. Her work with adults has been shaped by her forty-year involvement with Anthroposophy and Waldorf Education. For over twenty years she has taught Biography in Waldorf communities locally, in the US, and
abroad. Professional background in Education, Psychology, and Counseling. Most of all, she is a curious elder. Linda is a
Novalis Institute Instructor.


CO-LEADER: Julie Hurtubise

Julie is an Occupational Therapist and Yoga Instructor with a Master’s in Human Development. Highlights of her professional career include presenting trainings in integrated yoga, mindfulness, and social emotional learning at state and local educational conferences as well as graduate level courses for educators. Additional interests and experi- ences include using movement and sensory based strategies to impact emotional regu- lation.



CO-LEADER: Kristin Haugan

Kristin is excited about assisting people to grow into their truth. In her work as a holistic family physician, she helps people to get to the heart of the matter by listening deeply, reflecting, and understanding. In addition to allopathic medicine, her formal training includes yoga teacher training, Mind-Body Medicine, and integrative medicine.


Biography Life Cycle Course: The Power of our Life Story to Heal and Transform