Fall Biodynamic Composting Class DATE CHANGE Nov 14

Date(s) - 11/14/2015
9:30 am - 1:00 pm

3925 21st Ave S, Minneapolis, 55407



Biodynamic Agriculture aims to be a human service towards healing the earth. It is a type of organic agriculture that strives to create a diverse and balanced ‘farm organism’ that provides for itself. It bridges healthy bodies with healthy soils by harnessing regenerative earthly and cosmic forces, and infusing them into the soil and the harvest. This is accomplished through the use of special homeopathic medicines used in compost making and directly on the earth or plants. Over time soil fertility grows and the earth is replenished. Biodynamically-based nutrition increases health, thinking, and learning.
 biodynamic composting
Biodynamic Composting serves as the basis in biodynamics for creating a farm organism and for aiding nature. Through the use of special compost preparations, the soil becomes enlivened, intelligent, and healthy.  The workshop will take place in South Minneapolis.
In this workshop you will:
  • Learn the basics of how to make compost
  • Learn how to use and apply biodynamic compost preparations
When: Saturday Nov. 14, from 9:30 a.m. to 1 pm
Cost: $35 (financial hardship discounts possible)
What to bring: Potluck lunch, work clothes and shoes
 Tal Simchoni is an Affiliate Instructor with Novalis Institute. Learn more about Tal Simchoni. Tal can be reached at tsimchoni@yahoo.com or 320-429-2145.
Fall Biodynamic Composting Class DATE CHANGE Nov 14