Charcoal Drawing: Working with the Conscious and Unconscious

Date(s) - 11/22/2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Casket Arts Carriage House, #302 in NE Minneapolis



CHARCOAL DRAWING: Working with the Conscious and Unconscious 

Join me for a weekend intensive working in charcoal with the primordial archetypes of light and darkness, inspired by the Collot methods of “Light, Color and Darkness”.

In this context we refer to the activity of light and darkness not as good and evil, but in their archetypal activity.

Light: consciousness, thinking, and the nerve-sense system.

Darkness: Unconscious activity, warmth, the will and the metabolic system.

Through the light of the thinking and nerve-sense process we are able to become more conscious, awake and focused, and able to respond in the moment. Through the warmth and darkness of the will and metabolic system, we hold, cherish and digest all that life brings to us.

Fee: $90, All Materials included.

Friday 7-9 PM and Sat. 1-4 PM, November 22-23, 2019

Class is held at my studio space at the Casket Arts Carriage House, #302, (located behind the main building beside the grain elevators)

1720 Madison St. NE, Mpls., MN 55413

Call Donna at 612-518-2378 or email donna@donnawebb.comfor information and registration

(Pre-registration is required for the class to be held)



Charcoal Drawing: Working with the Conscious and Unconscious