The Power of our Life Story to Heal and Transform

Date(s) - 03/08/2019
3:30 pm - 7:00 pm




March 8th-10th and April 5th-7th

Classes run for two long weekends during the spring of 2019.

  • Friday: 3:30-7pm
  • Saturday: 9am-5pm
  • Sunday: 9am-2pm


  • Full Two Weekends:$500
  • One Weekend: $250
  • Supply Fee: $15 per weekend

Location: Tomorrow River Community Charter School

10186 County Road MM, Amherst Junction, WI 54407

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Course Description: 

“All day long I think about it, and at night I say it: Where did I come from, and what am I supposed to be doing? Who hears with my ear, and speaks with my tongue? And what is the soul? “ Rilke

The longing to understand our lives is a part of the human experience. Biography work gives us new understanding through the power of sharing and listening to life stories in a space of mutual trust. In addition to the social artistry of working consciously together, we have the tools that Rudolf Steiner gave regarding the Life Cycles. Each seven year phase, and twenty-one year cycle contain specific archetypes and tasks for the body, soul and spirit. Working with our personal biography is particularly helpful when we find ourselves in times of change. Reflections on the past and present can assist us in opening to a future full of possibilities. Seeing our own experiences in the context of universal life cycles awakens and connects us to the evolution, not only of our own life, but of humanity.

Our time together will include memory exercises, life charting, artwork, writing, lecture, and discussion, as we reflect on life phases and themes, and the golden thread of our unique destiny. This reflective work has
the capacity to change the way we see and connect to all those in our lives – children, students, parents, colleagues – for it gives us a larger framework to understand our experiences and the developmental
journey of the whole human being. We will open ourselves to wonder, self-compassion and empathy towards others. Our work together with
our life stories will be heartfelt, artistic, and transformative.

“Every day I peel off a new husk and hope to return as a human being.” Goethe



Linda Bergh’s greatest love is teaching Biography. Her work with adults has been shaped by her forty-year involvement with Anthroposophy and Waldorf Education. For the last twenty years she has taught Biography to teachers, parents and community members in Minneapolis, and Waldorf training centers and communities in the US, and abroad.  Professional background in Education, Psychology, and Counseling. Since the death of her daughter and two husbands she has become a leader in the Conscious Dying/Home Death Care Movement. Most of all, she is a curious elder.


AnnaJo Doerr, Instructor and practitioner of Spacial Dynamics® and movement teacher from Viroqua Wisconsin will be introducing meditative movement practices and developmentally appropriate movement activities that compliment the seven year cycles the biography work will be exploring. Mother of three she has taught workshops and year long movement programs to all ages, both individuals and groups. She is trained in Bothmer Gymnastics. She has worked as a performance artist and a teacher and a has a personal practice as a movement consultant.