Spring Biodynamic Workshops

Date(s) - 04/29/2018
1:00 pm - 5:30 pm

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Spring Biodynamic Workshops with Tal Simchoni

Biodynamic Agriculture aims to be a human service towards healing the earth. It is a type of organic agriculture that strives to create a diverse and balanced “farm organism” that provides for itself. The soil is enlivened and replenished through the use of special homeopathic medicines used in compost making and directly on the earth or plants. Food taken from such enlivened soil helps our health, thinking, and learning.

Join a fun and renewing series of workshops geared towards gardeners of all levels. Through lectures, movement, sharing, imagination, and hands-on learning, many of Tal’s former participants have found replenishment in the series. Workshops will be held in or near the Twin Cities metro area.



For more information or to register, contact Tal Simchoni at morningdewgardening@gmail.com or 612-500-2574. You may also register at morningdewgardening.com/biodynamics



Biodynamic Composting and Stirring of Horn Manure

Composting is at the heart of biodynamics. When using biodynamic compost, healing forces infuse and restore the soil. We will build a compost pile together and learn how to inoculate it with the compost preparations.

We will round out the series by stirring and applying the horn manure preparation, a portion of which you may take home to apply on your garden. This preparation stimulates root growth and enlivens the soil.

Sunday, April 29, 2018
1:00 PM 7:00 PM
4315 Xerxes Avenue SouthMinneapolis, MN, 55410United States (map)


Cost is a sliding scale from $30-$60 per workshop, and includes printable online materials. A hard copy of materials is also available for $45.


Tal Simchoni has been practicing Biodynamic agriculture since 2000. He has previously managed a 2 acre biodynamic vegetable garden. In 2012 Tal founded Morning Dew Gardening in order to promote native plants, rain gardens, and edible gardens. Family life with children brings him much laughter and activity

Spring Biodynamic Workshops