Photo of male instructor named Tal Simchoni

Tal Simchoni installs and maintains vegetable gardens, maintains yards, and does handyman work in the Twin Cities metro area. He brings a passion for sustainability and humanity into his work and personal life. He began a biodynamic garden apprenticeship in northern California in 2000 as means to address the need to heal the earth and ourselves, and has continued with Biodynamics since. Following his apprenticeship he completed a certification to teach gardening at Waldorf schools. He has worked in two biodynamic Community Supported Agriculture farms, and managed a 2 acre biodynamic vegetable garden for six years at Camphill Village Minnesota, an intentional agricultural community that includes adults with special needs. He currently lives in South Minneapolis with his partner and her 8 year old son, who is a student at City of Lakes Waldorf School. He gardens biodynamically at home and with friends.

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